Compliance Services

Notice Of Violation

Do you have an NOV from NCDENR, VADEQ, OR SCDHEC? Resolution of NOVs from your state’s EPA agency is a service we provide that gets your UST system back into compliance with regulations. The staff of Enviro Consulting is expert at working through the issues to satisfy the inspectors and to get your permit re-instated. Call us at 704-721-0101 to get help with resolving your NOV.


UST Compliance Services

This service is designed to take the burden of Compliance off of your shoulders and to let us manage it for you in an orderly fashion. The service provides periodic site visits where we collect Veeder-Root or Incon test results, record Volts and amps from rectifiers, and make a 45-point environmental fuel system checklist. The site visit also includes painting of spill bucket lids as well as removal of water/fuel mix from the spill buckets and sumps. Call us at 704-721-0101 to learn more about off-loading the burden of UST compliance requirements.